1. Candidates will make their applications online from 08 September to 13 September 2020 over
  2. Required documents for application must be uploaded on the application system in pdf format completely. Applications with the missing documents will not be accepted. 
  3. Documents sent by hand, cargo, mail or fax will not be accepted. Photos on the application system must be in biometric format taken within the last 6 months. Copier output photos are not accepted. Photos must be in jpg format.
  4. Candidates will be given an "Application Tracking Number" as a result of their application. Application Tracking Number can only be obtained once. In addition, this tracking number should be kept carefully by the candidate as it will be required for all online transactions.
  5. Acceptance letters will be made available on the Application System on 01 October 2020.
  6. The results of application will be announced on our web page on 30 September, 2020.
  7. Actions for students who are eligible to register will be announced later on our web page.  

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  1. Candidates who have any points from the International Exam, National Exam, High School Graduation Exam and Diploma Score will be able to apply to be an International student at our university.
  2. In accordance with the 20th article of ESOGU Foreign Students Directive; Students who will be newly enrolled in our university pay the specified semester tuition fee before registration. Candidates who do not pay the tuition fee periodically during their registration dates lose their right to enroll. Students who do not have the TÖMER success certificate are obliged to pay the tuition fee of the program they are enrolled in. Students who do not pay the tuition fee cannot benefit from the student rights. Tuition fees paid by students who do not have the TÖMER success certificate are deducted from the following semester fee.  (CLICK HERE FOR TUITION FEES)  
  3. Students must meet their livelihood themselves; The University does not provide scholarships or financial support to students from abroad and does not act as an intermediary in providing them.
  4. Candidates who hthe right for registration will not receive a Letter of Acceptance via e-mail. Candidates learn the placement results by entering the Application System. 


About The Education-Teaching Process At Our University

Distance education for theoretical courses will start on 23 March 2020 at our university.

Application courses will be held according to the schedule determined by our university. The starting dates of the courses will be announced by the course managers and Department / Program Heads on the department web pages and through the Course Management System (DYS).

Link to access ESOGÜ DYS login:

Your ESOGÜ DYS Password: T.C. It is your whole ID number.

If your Netyetki password has been updated or changed, your ESOGÜ DYS Password is your Netyetki password.

ESOGÜ DYS help link for students:

ESOGU DYS help link for Faculty Members and Research Assistants:




Theoretical lectures will be carried out through DYS / KEYPS with an asynchronous application.

Distance Education via UZEM with simultaneous / simultaneous application in Foreign Language I and Foreign Language II and English-2, AİİT-2 and Turkish Language-2 courses, which started through distance education at the beginning of the semester. It will be carried out.

The relevant units will decide that the AİİT-2 and Turkish Language-2 courses, which continue face-to-face, and some other common courses will be carried out with asynchronous / simultaneous practice. For this, our students must follow the department web pages and DYS accounts.

Our students will be able to follow the lessons whenever they want - 7 days and 24 hours.

The courses offered simultaneously can be watched in the defined timeframe, and can also be saved digitally and then accessed offline via DYS / KEYPS / CANVAS.

Due to the transition to distance education, the definitions (exam types and weights) of the evaluation of the courses in the semester can be changed. You can see the changes to be made in the evaluation type and weight of the courses via OGUBS.

Theoretical courses, and some of the practical and laboratory courses (quiz, homework, short test, project giving, etc.) will be done by distance education methods.

Proficiency exams in postgraduate programs, meetings of thesis monitoring committees and thesis defenses can be made online according to the course of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Intensive academic calendar will be prepared for courses that are not possible with distance education, requiring practice and laboratory. The intensified academic calendar will be announced later, based on the course of the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the course of the coronavirus epidemic, a calendar will be created for the final exams and the method on how to conduct the exams will be announced later.

In order to overcome this difficult period without any problems, it is very important for all our students to follow the lessons and to fulfill the demands carefully.