Mission & Vision

Student procedures of all faculties, schools and vocational schools where credit systems are applied in our university are carried out in a single center within the Student Affairs Department. Students can apply to the Student Affairs Office in person or by e-mail for student transactions and any questions and questions they wish to consult.


The duties of the Student Affairs Department are listed as follows in the “Decree Law on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions” published in the Official Gazette dated 21/11/1983 and numbered 18228:

          a) To do the necessary works related to the new registration, acceptance and course status of the students,

          b) To carry out graduation, identity, scholarship, monitoring the graduates,

          c) To perform other similar tasks to be assigned.


Our mission as the Registrar's Office; to ensure that the planned education and training process is carried out regularly by using the ever-developing technology in line with the researchers, inquiries, productive quality and standards that consider the service to the student among its basic duties, adopting modern and ethical values ​​and believing in the rule of law; To provide healthy information and document service to students, alumni, faculty and institutions that we are in contact with as soon as possible.

Our vision

Student centered; To raise researchers, inquirers, productive, entrepreneurial competitive, socially developed patriotic individuals who use technological innovations effectively, show their own potential and support their creativity, believe in the rule of law, contribute to science, technology, culture and art at national and international level, has an infrastructure that is open to change in line with the feedback-based requests in mutual interaction; To become an exemplary Presidency in our University with the services that contribute to education and training by cooperating with other departments of the university and where the satisfaction of all our stakeholders is high.

Staff and Staff Status

At the Registrar's Office; 1 Head of Department, 2 Branch Managers, 2 Chiefs, 28 Officers, 2 Servants, 35 personnel in total.


The Office of Student Affairs serves on the ground floor of the New Rectorate Building in Meşelik Campus.